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Vikings Gone Wild Cheats

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Vikings Gone Wild is a casual strategy game where players need to build their village by constructing buildings, manage resources and train a powerful army of vikings to raid other players’ villages. The game is currently available on Facebook and will be hitting mobile later this year.

Players start with a small village, creating beer in factories which can then be used to recruit new viking warriors. Archers, warriors, bear riders and wall breakers are available at first, with stronger vikings requiring more beer to recruit. Players can only store a limited amount of beer, introducing an update system to the game.

Before upgrading the game’s storage system, players will need to upgrade the town hall. A larger town hall gives players access to larger recruitment buildings, homes and so on, in a cycle of growth that can be completed faster by using gems.

Players can only take a limited number of soldiers into battle, and can then choose how many troops to actually deploy onto the field. Troops attack automatically, depending on which item they’re closest to, and players earn rewards for each success. Quests will guide players through these battles, and through specific tasks back home. You should download and try our Vikings Gone Wild Cheats to speed up building your village!

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