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Ultimate Naruto Cheats

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Ultimate Naruto is yet another free-to-play, browser-based MMORPG. Of course, it’s a little different from the rest of them right off the bat because it’s got a powerful franchise attached to it. Naruto is a huge force in the world of manga and anime. There’s a pretty decent collection of Naruto video games out there too, but this is its first foray into the world of free-to-play.

The game lets you play any of three classes — Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, or Genjutsu. You can play as a male or female, but those six combinations of class and gender are all that’s available as far as customizing your character goes. The game has tons of animations for each character, so I think they wanted to stick with pre-made characters instead of letting players design their own. That’s okay though, the six that are available look perfectly capable of holding their own in a fight. Ultimate Naruto Cheats is 100% authentic and can be found working only on this site.

Like the other free-to-play MMORPGs, this one gets you coming back with regular doses of events and prizes. There are packages of goodies you can claim daily just for logging in as well as smaller packages you can claim every 10 minutes or so as long as you are online. The game is monetized through the sale of gold, a premium currency that lets you increase your VIP level or buy items in the in-game store. Bumping up your VIP level provides all kinds of benefits like discounts in the store, higher limits on daily events, higher limits on recruited allies, and enabling more things the game can do automatically for you. The game does have an energy system (Vitality) that somewhat limits how many fights you can do in one sitting, but a full bar is quite a bit of energy and it recharges for free over time. Download now Ultimate Naruto Cheats 2014!

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