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Throne Rush Cheats

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Throne Rush is a new free-to-play casual Strategy game designed for multi-platforms including iOS, Android and web browsers via With a fantasy setting, the game places players in the land of Adergran to fight for the crown of the realm.

Throne Rush is a blend of real-time strategy, tower defense and social interaction. If those elements sound familiar and piece together to strike you as games like Clash of Clans, your hunch is just true here. When Clash of Clans makes a big success as a different version of the traditional strategy games, a bunch of followers emerge quickly in an attempt of claiming a share in the popularity. Throne Rush is one of them, same in the core and different in details. In the game you build and upgrade various structures that expand your abilities and army. Resources, defense and army units are the most important parts closely associated.
For players with past experience with Clash of Clans or games like it, you can get into play immediately without any trouble. Throne Rush is solid and fun with the strategic battle and good graphics and animation. Get unlimited gems now thanks to Throne Rush Cheats and create your own rich village in the land of Adergran!

Throne Rush Cheats Tool:


Throne Rush Cheats Features:

– Add Gems.
– Add Gold.
– Add Resources Wood.
– Double Experience Boost by 200%.
– Most Popular Web-Browsers Support.
– Facebook Safe Connect.
– Proxy.
– SSL Mode.
– Anti-Kick.
– Auto-Login.
– 100% Clean and Working!

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