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Sunshine Bay Cheats

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Sunshine Bay is a free-to-play island management game from Game Insight, the maker behind games like Airport City, Mystery Manor, Starborn Wanderers, and upcoming iPad tank combat game Tank Domination. Sunshine Bay lets you enjoy city-building and managing an economy but with palm trees and the surf replacing the grays and browns of urban sprawl.

Like any city-building game, Sunshine Bay hosts a collection of buildings that offer various benefits to your island. While there are buildings that will generate coins, electricity, fuel, and passengers, the real backbone of your economy is running yacht voyages. The construction of buildings and round-trip travel of yachts both take real time to complete. In the early game, that time requirement is rarely longer than a couple minutes, but later on, you may find it better to check on the game a few times a day instead of sitting down for an hour or two of solid play.

The game offers you a small patch of usable land with the rest locked in the beginning. As you extend your business and win coins, you need more space for your newly built structures and you can expand to the adjacent areas little by little when you meet the requirements. While it’s an open-end title, there is certain objective to reach, like the ever greater island, which motivates you to move on.

Sunshine Bay cheats adopts a colorful and bright palette suits its very theme. Graphics and animation are stylish, detailed and pretty, with relaxing background music. If you look for some surprises in the core simulating mechanics, sadly there is none. But if you are easily pleased with a casual island building game to loiter some leisure time, you have a good reason to come to the Sunshine Bay. Don’t wait! – Use Sunshine Bay Cheats if you looking for more fun and some new features. Improve your game with Sunshine Bay Cheats for iOS/Android now!

Sunshine Bay Cheats Tool:

Sunshine Bay Cheats

Sunshine Bay Cheats Features:

– Add Coins.
– Add Cash.
– Add Fuel.
– Unlimited Fuel Mode.
– Unlimited Energy Mode.
– Add Passengers.
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– Proxy.
– SSL Mode.
– Anti-Kick.
– Auto-Login.
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