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Tutorial how to use Monster Legends Cheats 1.5 bot generator adder: gold gems food energy. Daily updates, 100% works, Download 2014 Cheats.

Updated since May 2014 tool to play Monster Legends facebook game with cheats. This brand fresh software contains four primary functions: Gems Generator, Gold Generator and Food Generator, also Double EXP, All Game Features Unlock and Unlimited Energy Cheat is ready for use!. Monster Legends Cheats has been created using our private script source in SmartFlash Engine 0.2.2 and has been linked to Facebook Game Server. The application is 100% authentic and works without any problems, the Monster Legends cheat tool has been scanned by many most popular AntiVirus and tested by special selected beta testers. Use of the program is very simple thanks to friendly, professional looks and colorful interface, also Monster Legends cheats is 100% undetectable for facebook security systems and administration so the ban risk is minimal (1%) and the application is perfectly safe for your account! if you like the Monster Legends cheats and would like to thank us or have problems/questions to solve then please contact us via e-mail or use contact form at the top of the page.

Like Dragon City, Monster Legends keeps players busy with egg hatching, monster breeding, feeding, and fighting. Players not only need to build habitats and farms to place monsters and produce the necessary food, they also need to construct tavern, arena and other structures to support extra functions, and occasionally clear pebbles, rocks, trees and grass to make room on the small crowded floating island.
The game also comes up with content to keep players focused during the waiting. The level-based adventure map allows players to explore and challenge AI-controlled enemies. Battles work in a similar way as in Dragon City. You choose the skill you prefer and choose the target to unleash the attack.
Differences lie in the way your monsters are engaged in the combat. They do not fight one after one and there is no standby monster when the ones in battle are killed. All the monsters are in the fight at the same time and they take turns in making moves
Monster Legends is not the kind of game we enjoy playing and it just brings a familiar and classic gameplay that can be experienced in Dragon City, yet under a new title.

Monster Legends Cheats Tool:

Monster Legends Cheats 1.5

Monster Legends Cheats Features:

  • Add Gems.
  • Add Gold.
  • Add Food.
  • Unlimited Energy.
  • Unlock All Game Features.
  • Exp Boost +200%.
  • Most Popular Web-Browsers Support.
  • Facebook Safe Connect.
  • Proxy.
  • SSL Mode.
  • Anti-Kick.
  • Auto-Login.
  • 100% Clean and Working!

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