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Kitchen Scramble Cheats

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The latest application to play Kitchen Scramble facebook game with cheats. This awesome program contains three primary features: Cash Generator, Star Token Generator and Coins Adder. Kitchen Scramble Cheats has been created using our private script source in SmartFlash Engine 0.2.2 and has been linked to Facebook Game Server. The application is 100% authentic and works without any problems, the Kitchen Scramble cheat tool has been scanned by many most popular AntiVirus and tested by special selected beta testers. Use of the program is very simple thanks to friendly, professional looks and colorful interface, also Kitchen Scramble cheats is 100% undetectable for facebook security systems and administration so the ban risk is minimal (1%) and the application is perfectly safe for your account! if you like the Kitchen Scramble cheats and would like to thank us or have problems/questions to solve then please contact us via e-mail or use contact form at the top of the page.

Kitchen Scramble is a new Facebook game from Playdom behind games like Disney’s Ghosts of Mistwood, Marvel: Avengers Alliance and Threads of Mystery. In one short sentence: It’s Diner Dash on a food truck with free-to-play elements. That’s it. Given, Diner Dash is closing in on its 9th anniversary, and you’d be right to think that Kitchen Scramble does a few things to freshen up the formula.

So, the game starts out really easy, with your truck offering only two dishes: fried egg and baked potato. As you progress through the game, recipes will partly be added to the list and the recipes become increased complex. New dishes will demand new ingredients and new appliances. The fancier dishes will require the combination of ingredients and multiple cooking steps. Eventually, you’ll be juggling over 15 ingredients and 10 appliances.

The game does have some minor social elements, like the ability to send premium gifts to your friends. I guess that’s to its credit, but I really don’t play Facebook games with my Facebook friends. When my friends constantly invite me to games, they’re on the fast track to having me tell Facebook to automatically hide all of their stories on my wall. Get the Kitchen Scramble Cheats and have fun!

Kitchen Scramble Cheats Tool:

Kitchen Scramble Cheats

Kitchen Scramble Cheats Features:

  • Add Cash.
  • Add Coins.
  • Add Star Tokens.
  • Unlimited Supplies.
  • Learn All Recipes.
  • Unlock All Kitchen Stuff.
  • Complete All Goals.
  • Most Popular Web-Browsers Support.
  • Facebook Safe Connect.
  • Proxy.
  • SSL Mode.
  • Anti-Kick.
  • Auto-Login.
  • 100% Clean and Working!

Status: Undetected

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