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Eternal Saga takes place in a fantasy world that is being invaded by demons. The game starts with your hero waking up a few days after mysteriously falling from the sky. One of the first NPCs you talk to will identify you as the prophesied hero who can save the world from demonkind. Many other NPCs along the way will point out how special you are. It’s standard fare for a video game plot, but I think it’s a pretty funny choice for an MMO. Yeah, I’m special. Just like the thousands of other prophesied heroes running around. Eternal Saga Cheats. Before you fall from the sky, you can choose to play a male or female hero. Several completed quests later, you’ll get to choose your hero’s class: Mage, Warrior, or Hunter. You don’t get to choose how your face looks — all heroes of the same gender and class look identical. That said, the gear you equip will change your avatar’s appearance, so there’s still plenty of room to customize your appearance.

Completing quests along the main plot line is the best way to earn experience. It’s probably how you’ll want to play at first, considering you’ll need to reach a certain level before you can really do anything else. Completing quests is really easy. An automatic pathing system lets you click a button for your character to automatically run to the next quest location. Once you’re in the right place, you complete your task (usually talking to an NPC, collecting an item, or killing some monsters) and then tell your character to automatically run to the next place so you can turn your completed quest in and pick up a new one.

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Eternal Saga Cheats 1.2

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